Hello friends,

It’s been ten days since Northern Pole’s launch and I’ve thrown myself into a whirlwind of publicity. I’ve had two radio interviews, one with Jorvik Radio and one with BBC Radio York…both a total blast and now available to listen to on this page. I wrote the first and second draft of Northern Pole on a wonderful on-line writing programme called Deadlines for Writers. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of the group and the course leader. I love deadlines in all things – otherwise things drift and we procrastinate, if you want to write a novel I recommend looking at the site….On May 5th – a day before ‘the big day’ I will be talking about writing with another two authors at Harrogate Library’s Books & Beverages slot, at 1.30pm. I am excited about this opportunity and hope to do more author events soon. If you would like to buy Northern Pole but aren’t comfortable with on-line shopping I’ve added a contact form here to arrange for a copy to be posted to you.