Northern Pole

The Suitcase of Secrets

by Julie Fearn

The gripping novel, The Suitcase of Secrets, is now available from Amazon Books, in Kindle or paperback.

Northern England 1946, Roman, a Polish refugee determined to build a new life after WW2, arrives in West Yorkshire. Torn from his homeland, Roman continues his search for his family, whom he last saw in 1940s Warsaw. But Roman is hiding something. And when he falls in love with Bridget and reunites with his mother, the weight of his past threatens to explode Roman’s new life.

The Suitcase of Secrets is a gripping love story dealing with the impact of the tragedies of war. Partly based on actual events, the novel is a timely reminder that little has been learned from history when refugees are still fleeing from tyranny. Set in West Yorkshire, this page-turner is one not to miss.

‘Authoritative, meticulously researched and plotted, this novel enthrals in its heart-stopping twists and turns. I thoroughly recommend this intelligent, compassionate, beautifully written novel.’ Lizzi Linklater, poet.

‘The Suitcase of Secrets shines a powerful light on untold stories.’ Guy Mankowski, Novelist.

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Something Brewing

‘This anthology Includes Julie Fearn’s short story, Good Friday.

Be whisked into a world of the imagination, the intellect and the heart. Stories, memoirs, stage plays, radio dramas and poems dance through this vivid & eclectic collection.

Conceived before the Pandemic and nurtured throughout, ‘Something Brewing‘ stands as a symbol of commitment of the writers to each other, to the written and spoken word and to the sustenance, comfort and joy that writing together brings.’ LIZZI LINKLATER.

SOMETHING BREWING Available from Amazon books:


ASBO Cat Diary

The hilarious exploits of Phoebe, a selfish, scheming, highly opinionated cat struggling to keep her place at the centre of her owner’s attention who is looking for love beyond her cat. From North Yorkshire to New York, Phoebe tells her story as she battles with bullies, boyfriends and New York Policemen. A must for cat lovers and haters alike.

ASBO CAT DIARY Available from Amazon books: 

Tha Baba Yaga Tree

A mesmerising short story weaving together mythology and the devastating effects of prejudice on the lives of those affected by it. Highly unusual, rich, taut prose.