Julie Fearn

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will find something here to  enjoy reading. Born to Polish and Irish immigrant parents who settled in west Yorkshire in the late 1940s, I like to joke that I am ‘Poirish’. I now live in the beautiful, historic city of York in the North of England, and I am immensely proud of my heritage, family and parents.

As a social science graduate, I worked in local government’s Human Resources, in the south and north of England, before my retirement. Human Resources always sounded a bit dodgy to me – shades of Soylent Green – but working with people, their stories and daily dilemmas was fascinating and hugely varied.

I have loved writing all my adult life. In my working years, I shied away from sharing or considering publication. Then after studying creative writing with York University’s Lifelong Learning programme at post-graduate level, my short story, The Baba Yaga Tree, was published in the University’s Students Literature Anthology of 2016. Another of my stories, Good Friday, was recently published by Lendal Press in Something Brewing, an anthology of York’s Pen to Paper writers’ group.

I have just completed my first novel, Northern Pole, which has now been re-launched with a new title ‘The suitcase of secrets’, set in 1940s Poland and England and loosely based on real events. After WW2, Roman a Polish refugee arrives in England to start a new life but his past threatens to derail his efforts.

The Suitcase of Secrets is available to buy from Amazon and Books2Read. Please do join my mailing list. To thank you I’ll email a complimentary copy of my short story, The Baba Yaga Tree.